ImpaQt Conseil is a leader in interactive operating manuals. With our unique platform, your technical documentation is enhanced to create a fully interactive tool, improving the efficiency and safety of your facilities.


Links between texts, diagrams and pictures

Quick, easy and clear information, instantly available to your workforce

Navigation between diagrams through the whole facility

Provides a thorough view of the plant, enabling a deeper knowledge of your facility

Emergency Shutdown Simulator

Enables your personnel to run ‘what if’ scenarios and observe automatically triggered safety responses


Our full web interactive version offers: 

  • Swift access to information
  • Easy navigation and information retrieval
  • Availability of information where and when needed
  • Interactive training material



Alpha Maintenance is certified AFAQ/AFNOR Certifications Afaq Afnor

Impaqt Conseil is a trademark of Alpha Maintenance Company, subsidiary of Ponticelli Group.